New to Perth East

Picture of RiverWelcome to the Township of Perth East!

We are happy you have chosen to call our Township "home" for your family or business! Please look below to find out valuable information before you move.

If you require assistance, please phone us at 519-595-2800 or send us a message and we would be happy to assist you! 

Changing Your Address

If you move to a new address, you will need to ensure that you change the address on your Ontario Drivers' License/Ontario Photo Identification Card (within 6 days of moving), Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) Card (within 30 days of moving), and your Ontario Vehicle Permit (within 6 days of moving) with Service Ontario. 

There is no cost to change your address with the Province of Ontario (Service Ontario) if you move. You can apply to change your address online with Service Ontario, or visit the closest Service Ontario in person. In Perth East, the closest Service Ontario centres are:

  • Listowel (975 Wallace Ave N, Listowel, ON N4W 1M6)
  • Mitchell (90 Huron Rd, Mitchell, ON N0K 1N0)
  • New Hamburg (100 Mill St Unit B, New Hamburg, ON N3A 1R1)
  • Stratford (5 Huron St, Stratford, ON N5A 5S4)

If you are moving within Perth East, or wish to have a different mailing address on file, please fill out this form or contact the Municipal Office (519-595-2800). 

Community Guide & Events

The Township publishes the Perth East Community Guide each year, to give residents easy access and information on Township services, businesses, organizations and much more!

To see events happening in the community, you are also able to view the Community and Council Calendars on our website. 


Stay informed on what is happening in Perth East! 

Online Calendars


Perth East Social Media

Emergency Services (Police, Fire and Ambulance)


The Township of Perth East has contracted the policing services of the Ontario Provincial Police (Perth County). The closest detachment is in Sebringville, located at 380 Huron Road


The Perth East Fire Department has three (3) station: Milverton, Sebringville and Shakespeare. 


The Perth County Paramedic Service provides Perth East with ambulance services. 

Garbage & Recycling

Garbage & Recycling (Waste Management) services are contracted to the Bluewater Recycling Association, through the use of "wheelie bins". 

If you have moved to a new home, the previous owners should have left the wheelie bins at your new home. If you are in a new home or do not have wheelie bins at your new property, please contact Bluewater Recycling Association to order new bins online or phone them at 1-800-265-9799. If you move, you must leave your wheelie bins at your previous address, as they are bar coded to the property. 

Garbage bins range in price, depending on your needs. The cost of the bins are paid for on your property tax bill, and are charged annually. Recycling bins are no charge. If you move and need a larger or smaller bin, please contact Bluewater Recycling. To see the size and cost of bins, come to our municipal office or view them here

Click to see more information on Garbage & Recycling in Perth East! When you move, you can also sign up for Bluewater Recycling's Collection Reminder Application to be reminded of when your collection days are!


Perth East does not have a hospital, but there are three major hospitals nearby:

You can also find out specific healthcare locations near you by contacting the Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance

Internet, Phone & Cable Services

If you are setting up internet, phone and/or cable services, here are the following providers in Perth East:

Perth County Economic Development
Perth County Tourism & Economic Development routinely provides information to newcomers and existing residents of the County on what the area has to offer! 

View the Perth County GIS and Map Page for the following maps:

  • Perth County Hike & Bike Trail Map
  • Explore Perth County Tourism Map
  • Perth County Buy Local Buy Fresh Map (2012)
Perth East Public Library

The Perth East Public Library is located at 19 Mill Street East, in Milverton. It is adjacent to the Municipal Office. The Library is apart of the Perth County Information Network (PCIN) with the municipalities/city/town of Stratford, St. Marys, West Perth and North Perth. 

You can reach the Library at:

  • In Person (view hours of operation here)
  • By Phone: call us at 519-595-8395 and ask your question during regular business hours
  • By E-Mail: Send a message to our staff at E-mail us 24/7 we will answer your questions as soon as we can! Answer service is available during business hours
  • Make sure to follow the Perth East Public Library on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

Property Taxes

Every property must pay property taxes to the Township of Perth East. The Interim billing for your taxes will be mailed in January and will be payable in two installments on the fourth Friday in February and the fourth Friday in May. The Final billing for your taxes will be mailed at the end of August and will be payable in two installments on the fourth Friday in September and the fourth Friday in November.

If you have recently built a new home or made any additions or improvements to your property, make an allowance for a Supplementary Tax Bill in your budget.

For the first 12 to 18 months after occupying a newly built home, property tax bills may cover the physical land only, until MPAC completes an assessment of the home. There may be a delay from your occupancy date until you receive a tax bill including the house. 

You may also estimate your property taxes with our Property Tax Calculator!

There are three (3) different ways to pay your taxes in Perth East:

  • Online or telephone banking (Perth East Township or Township of Perth East as the payee)
    • Account:  19 digits (full roll number), start with 3110 and end with 0000
  • In person at the Municipal Office (25 Mill Street East, Milverton) either at the counter or in the payment drop box after hours
  • Signing up for the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (payments are automatically taken out of your account on the due date)

You may visit the Property Tax page on our website to learn more about taxes in the Township. 


Perth East is home to many recreational facilities: both Township maintained and community maintained. 

The Recreation and Community Services Department maintains the Perth East Recreation Complex (PERC), located at 40 Temperance Street in Milverton. The PERC is composed of the ArenaAdministrative OfficesBanquet Rooms and the PERC Pool. Outside of the PERC, the Township maintains and/or supports the use of parks and playgrounds

To see what is happening at the PERC online and on social media, make sure to follow them on Facebook and subscribe to the Community Calendar

Visit our Recreation page for full details on recreation in Perth East, or contact the PERC at 519-595-8375. 

Utilities (Water, Wastewater, Natural Gas and Hydro)

Water and Wastewater

If you have moved into a property that is hooked up to utilities with the Township, then you will be required to pay a bimonthly water and/or wastewater charge. Bills are mailed bimonthly.

There are three (3) different ways to pay your utility bill in Perth East:

  • Online or telephone banking (Perth East Township or Township of Perth East as the payee)
    • Utilities:  7 digits (full account number minus the decimal), start with 0
  • In person at the Municipal Office (25 Mill Street East, Milverton) either at the counter or in the payment drop box after hours
  • Signing up for the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (payments are automatically taken out of your account on the due date)

Natural Gas

Natural gas has been provided by Enbridge Gas Inc. in Milverton, Wartburg and Rostock since 2018. Recently, Enbridge also provides Brunner with natural gasPlease contact Enbridge by email or phone (1-888-774-3111) to inquire if your property has been hooked up to a natural gas line. 


Hydro in Perth East is serviced by Hydro One. To request a move in request with Hydro One, please contact them online or by phoning 1-888-664-9376. 

Customer Service