Funding Opportunities

Below are funding opportunities available through a variety of programs and agencies. Please note that the programs and agencies are in no way affiliated with the Township of Perth East and therefore the Township is not responsible for the accuracy of information or administration of the funding programs offered.

Find some tips and tricks here if you are writting a grant or proposal! 

 Stratford Perth Community Foundation 

Community foundations have a deep knowledge of local needs and opportunities. They act as champions for issues that matter and direct grants to everything from shelter, education and care for those in need, to the arts, environment and recreation. 

For Donors,community foundations offer a range of charitable giving options that provide tax benefits and strategic advice about philanthropy. Individuals, families, businesses and organizations work with community foundations to create permanent charitable funds that help meet the challenges of changing times. 

SPCF is a charitable public foundation created by and for the people of Stratford, St. Marys and Perth County. Registered charitable # 88488 4305 RR0001.

The Community Foundation funds projects that:

  • Address existing and emerging community needs, opportunities and demonstrate innovation
  • Strengthen the applicant’s and the community’s capacity
  • Have additional funding partners and/or developed strong collaborative relationships
  • Improve organizational effectiveness
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and sustainability
  • Receive volunteer support from the community
  • Build on the community’s strengths, assets, skills and resources
  • Develop leadership and self-reliance, mobilize civic participation and resources
  • Do not duplicate programs offered
  • Note: Multi-year projects may be considered
  • Note: Projects may touch on on/address on one or more of the above



  • Be registered as a charity with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or sponsored by same
  • Be a registered charity for at least one (1) year AND have filed at least one (1) T3010 with CRA, or be sponsored by same
  • Provide services for or within Perth County, Stratford and / or St. Marys
  • Provide services without discrimination


Please check out the Stratford Perth Community Foundation for more information and Grant Opportunities and Deadlines


United Way Perth- Huron

United Way Perth-Huron is a leader in understanding the root cause of social issues and bringing people and resources together to find lasting solutions. United Way Perth-Huron is creating real change in peoples lives- meaningful, positive change not just for today but for the long term. 

General Eligibility (New Initiative and Impact Funding Grants)

  • Provide services to Perth County and/or Huron County
  • Be a well-established qualified donee (as defined by the Canadian Revenue Agency)
  • Have a volunteer Board of Directors
  • Submit annual financial reviews
  • Be non-partisan
  • Adhere to United Way Perth Huron policies


Impact Funding

This funding stream is intended for ongoing projects/program that are park of the organizations over-arching structure and mission.  Organizations must be fulfilling community needs as identified by the United Way Perth-Huron (UWPH) Framework, and must demonstrate excellence in terms of programming, community collaboration and operational management.  Organizations that are not currently funded by UWPH are welcome to apply for an Impact Funding Grant.

Impact funding applications will be only considered every three years. The year after applications are received will be considered the first year of the funding cycle.


New Initiative Grants

United Way Perth-Huron recognizes that encouraging new approaches and innovations in community services and programs are important. The New Initiative Grant funding stream was created to respond to:

  • Emerging needs
  • Test and evaluate new models of service
  • Support collaborative partnerships or smaller-scale projects
  • Assist in the pilot of new projects

Amount: Up to $20,000

Term: funding for one year


Youth in Action Grants

Youth in Action Grants are a one-time grant opportunity for program that are youth-led and offer creative ideas to address youth community issues in Perth and Huron Counties. Youth and/or groups of youth between the ages of 14 and 24 are invited to submit an application in partnership with an adult trustee (25+). These funds support youth-led projects that positively benefit the participants’ communities and support youth development.

Please note that Youth In Action Grants do not have to meet the same eligibility requirements as the other investment streams and no EOI will be required.

Amount: up to $1,000

Term: One time amount 

 Ontario Trillium Foundation 

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), is one of Canada's leading grant-making foundations and is an agency of the Government of Ontario. OTF is a catalyst that enables Ontarians to work together to enhance the quality of life in their communities. They believe that communities across Ontario are rich in talent, creativity and drive, and our grants stimulate communities to build on these assets.

Grant Streams:

Seed Grants: Grants that support projects at the idea or conceptual staff to staff a Priority Outcomes.

Activities funded include:

  • Conducting new research or feasibility studies
  • Testing new approaches
  • Hosting discussions about emerging issues or new opportunities
  • Developing a new idea
  • Launching a new event
  • Convening people together

Amount: From $5,000 to $75,000

Term: Up to 1 year


Grow Grants: Grants that support the evidence based development of activities to achieve a Priority Outcome

Activities funded include:

  • Replicating, adapting or scaling a proven model
  • Piloting or demonstrating a tested model

Amount: From $50,000 to $250,000 per year

Term: 2 to 3 years


Capital Grants: Grants that broaden access, improve community spaces to achieve a Priority Outcome

Activities funded include:

  • Buying and installing equipment
  • Doing renovations, installations and repairs
  • Building structures or spaces
  • Making better use of technological resources

Amount: From $5,000 to $150,000
Term: Up to 1 year


Transform Grants: Grants that support collaborative initiatives that use collective strategy and transformative action to tackle complex community issues and create leas tin change at the regional and provincial level. 

This grant has not been launched yet but will be in the near future. 


Libro Credit Union

At Libro Credit Union, growing prosperity across southwestern Ontario is the main goal. They are passionate about investing locally, in people, communities and enterprises, and understand that prosperity is more than financial transactions and balance sheets. They are bringing purpose to life through the Libro Prosperity Fund annual granting program and by Sponsorships and Donations Program. Initiatives considered for sponsorships or grants will focus on the following three areas.

If your organization is working on local initiatives that focus on economic development, money smarts and encourage youth leadership, they would like to hear from you. 

Grant Levels: Minimum $5,000- Maximum $100,000

Regional Economic Development

  • Self-employment, entrepreneurship, small business and co-operative start-up, development and growth.
  • Rural and agricultural development planning and revitalization.
  • Food security (e.g. community gardens, farmers markets, processing and distribution projects that support self-reliance and job creation).
  • Co-operative and local economy projects (e.g. buy local programs, buying clubs, co-operative education and business collaborations).
  • Economic self-reliance for marginalized members of the community including skills development, employment and self-employment.
  • Capacity building support for economic development organizations.
  • Advancing research, development and innovation to improve the effectiveness of regional economic development initiatives and contribute to the regional economic development field.

Money Smarts

  • Building financial knowledge, skills and confidence of individuals and families.
  • Assisting economically disadvantaged people to build financial assets (e.g. matched savings programs).
  • Building financial capability of people and families to adopt or improve upon good financial behaviours such as saving consistently and making good use of financial products.
  • Capacity building support for financial literacy organizations.
  • Advance research, development and innovation to improve the effectiveness of financial literacy initiatives and contribute to the financial literacy field.

Youth Leadership 

  • Enterprise skills; equipping young people with the knowledge and support to set up their own businesses or income-generating activity.
  • Opportunities for youth in agricultural business and other rural activity.
  • Youth leadership and career skill development including for vulnerable youth.


Sponsorship & Donations

  • Applications are accepted year-round
  • Typically 4-6 weeks is required for decisions on applications
  • Decisions are made by Branch Managers


Trillium Mutual Insurance Company 

 The Trillium ROOTS Community Support Fund will ensure that continuous meaningful assistance will be provided in the future. They have established a new and fresh approach that is designed to improve the consistency of support over time and provide an independent and objective process. Requests for funding are reviewed quarterly. 

Trillium ROOTS Community Fund focus areas include:

1. Healthcare
2. Recreation and Wellness
3. Emergency Response (Fire Fighters)
4. Agricultural
5. Eco/Sustainability/Other



Recognizing Our Opportunity To Support (ROOTS) would like to hear from you regarding capital projects and facility/equipment upgrades in your community.

Capital Project Definition

Capital projects for consideration will include the construction, expansion or major renovations of facilities as well as purchasing equipment to enhance the services provided.

 Cultural Spaces Canada
Initiative that contributes to the improvement of physical spaces for artistic creativity, presentation and exhibition, including the renovation and expansion of arts and heritage facilities. Not-for-profit arts and heritage organizations as well as some provincial/territorial, municipal or regional governments and agencies, or equivalent Aboriginal peoples institutions or organizations, are eligible to apply for funding anytime throughout the year. The CS program generally supports up to 33% of eligible expansion or renovation projects and up to 40% of eligible specialized equipment purchases.

Website Link - Cultural Spaces Canada

 Grants Ontario

 Grants Ontario is a source for grants provided by a number of Government of Ontario ministries. This site provides a one-window access to information about grants available to you and how to apply for grants, and how to check the status of your application. 

For a list of grant opportunities and more infomation please check the website. 

 Farm Credit Canada AgriSpirit Fund
 The FCC AgriSpirit Fund is about enhancing rural communities. If your organization is raising money for a capital project (construction of or upgrades to a hospital, medical centre, childcare facility, rink, sportsplex, etc., purchase of fire and rescue equipment) and your city or town has less than 150,000 people, your project may qualify for a donation.

The sustainable use of resources contributes to successful community development. Does your project enhance the lives of residents or contribute to sustainability in your community? Examples include upgrades to heating and cooling systems in a community building, installing new windows in a rec centre or purchasing capital items for a recycling facility. If so, we encourage you to apply.

Amount: $5,000-$25,000

Eligible groups include:

  • Charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Non-profit organizations capable of partnering with a municipal body, territorial or provincial government. The municipal body must also agree to receive contributed money and issue a receipt.
  • A municipal body (town, city under 150,000 people, rural municipality or First Nations band)

To be eligible, your project must:

  • Be located in a rural community with a population of fewer than 150,000
  • Recognize FCC’s contribution
  • Be completed within two years of receiving funding
  • Be a capital project (equipment, building funds)


  • Only online applications will be evaluated
  • Your organization/program isn’t eligible if it’s received support from the FCC AgriSpirit Fund in the past four years
  • Preference may be given to projects that contribute to sustainability in communities
  • FCC employees and their immediate family members are not eligible for the FCC AgriSpirit Fund
  • If your organization is selected, you’ll need to sign a letter of agreement with FCC and show documentation of project completion
 Aviva Comunity Foundation Fund

Aviva Canada is one of the leading property and casualty insurance groups in the country, providing home, automobile, leisure/lifestyle and business insurance to 2.8 million customers. A subsidiary of UK-based Aviva plc, Aviva Canada has more than 4,000 employees focused on creating a bright and sustainable future for our customers and our communities.

Since its inception in 2009, the Aviva Community Fund has awarded $8.5 million to over 280 charities and community groups across Canada. 

A CRA registered charity or a CRA-qualified donee can submit an idea in the Aviva Community Fund Competition. The idea submitter must also be residing in Canada and be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

How it Works:

You can submit a project summary and then must secure the most votes. This requires strong social media campaigns to get voters. 

There are currently two different idea categories:

1. Small Ideas: 50 prizes of a $10,000 awarded to organizations that bring people and their community together.

2. Bid Ideas:3 Prizes of $100,000 awarded to organizations that bring people together in their community and also have long-lasting impact.

 Kindred Charitable Fund

 The Kindred Charitable Fund  is an endowment that offers annual project grants to churches and charitable organizations. Established in 1999, with an initial endowment of $360,000 to Abundance Canada, the endowment has distributed over $1,000,000 to 146 churches and charities in our communities.

Grant applications are accepted each fall, and decisions are announced by the end of December.

 Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund

The Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund (OSRCF) is a grant program that supports a vision of getting and keeping Ontarians active in community sport, recreation and physical activity. The fund:

  • increases opportunities for physical activity in sport and recreation by developing new programs or increasing access to existing programs to encourage individuals to become more active and keep those who are, engaged throughout their lives
  • To embed physical literacy as a foundation for lifelong physical activity among individuals enabling them to make healthier activity choices
  • strengthens the community sport and recreation sector by providing training in areas such as coaching, youth development, and volunteer development to provide enhanced service and quality programming.

Through the support of projects that deliver high-quality programs and policies, the OSRCF provides Ontarians with more opportunities to become physically active, including groups who experience barriers to participating and those who are traditionally less active.

A new dedicated stream within the OSRCF called “Active for Life Recreation Stream” is giving more seniors the opportunity to participate in physical activities to support a healthy lifestyle.

The program supports projects of one or two years in length, at both the Local/Regional and Provincial levels.

 Rural Economic Development Fund
Ontario's Rural Economic Development (RED) program helps rural communities remove barriers to community economic development.

The RED program supports the government's plan to create jobs, grow the economy, and help people in their everyday lives by

  • helping remove barriers to economic development for rural communities, Indigenous communities and organizations, and not-for-profit organizations
  • helping rural communities identify their economic strengths and develop strategies to attract business and investment which will help to retain and create jobs
  • helping rural communities and partners to be in a more competitive economic position so that they can diversify and grow their local economies - making economic growth more inclusive so that Ontario's growing economy delivers real benefits to rural Ontario

Who can apply

In order to be eligible to apply applicant(s) must:

  • be one of:
    • a legal entity that is a not-for-profit 
    • a municipality
    • a local services board 
    • an Ontario Indigenous community or organization
  • have the authority to enter into a legal agreement
  • be in compliance with all requirements of law and agree to remain in compliance for the term of the contribution agreement (if the project is approved)

Under the RED program, all successful applicants that enter into a contribution agreement with the Province of Ontario will have joint and several liability for any project that is funded.

 Canada Post Foundation 
The Canada Post Community Foundation for Children makes a real difference in the lives of children and youth in communities across Canada by helping local organizations, charities and schools. In 2018, 112 organizations delivering essential programs for children and youth shared almost $1.2 million in funding from the Foundation.

In the past seven years, the Foundation has provided more than $7 million to build libraries, create sports and breakfast programs, and ensure access to crisis lines, anti-bullying and mental health initiatives, special needs clinics and life-skills training. The money has helped promote physical activity and play for children of all abilities and helped at-risk youth gain a better understanding of how education is vital to their future. 

Organizations applying for a grant must:

  • be a registered charity with a Canadian Charitable Registration Number OR a registered non-profit organizations with a valid B/N business registration number OR a school (as defined by the education act in each province) OR an unregistered community organization OR a community library OR a registered Canadian amateur athletic association
  • have a volunteer Board of Directors/organizing committee
    • while paid employees can be used to deliver programming, the Board of Directors must be unpaid positions (payment for expenses incurred by the Directors is acceptable)
  • have a detailed plan for the project being submitted (Signature Grant applications exempted)
  • have a budget for the project being submitted (Signature Grant applications exempted)
  • have:
    • All Signature Grant applicants must have Independent Audited Financial Statements
    • At a minimum, a Review Engagement Report (for grants valued at $15,001 to $25,000)
    • At a minimum, a Notice to Reader – Compilation Engagement (for grants valued at $5,001 to $15,000)
  • For grants up to $5,000, the Foundation would require, at a minimum, the organization’s financial statement/plan for the current year

The Foundation will support:

  • projects aimed at building front-line capacity to provide community-based support for children
  • projects that:
    • address needs of children living with disabilities, illness, who are vulnerable
    • enhance the ability of families and communities to nurture their children
    • extend a caring hand to the children of our community, build better futures for our children and, ultimately, a stronger community
    • support educational, preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative programs for children, youth and their families
  • projects that focus on: education, development, culture/civic programs, health and physical activity, social services and arts and culture for youth and families

Maximium Funding Allotted: $50,000 

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