Core Values

The vision describes the ideal future and answers the question about what the Township of Perth East wants to provide for the community. The Township of Perth East will be an inclusive, thriving and sustainable community committed to maintaining harmony between rural and urban areas and fostering opportunities for current and future generations.


The mission describes the Township of Perth East's purpose and why the organization exists. 

The Township of Perth East provides innovative leadership and services essential to creating an inclusive, thriving and sustainable community.

Core Values

The Core Values are the guiding principles that help Council and staff achieve the vision and fulfill the mission.

At the Township of Perth East we are committed to:

We practice high standards of ethical behaviour and conduct ourselves with an openness and transparency that inspires trust. We strive for the equitable and fair treatment of all as a foundation principle of our policies and practices.
We foster an environment of equality where people are included, valued and treated with dignity, and respect and work together as one for the benefit of the entire municipality. We build internal and external relationships to achieve common goals and resolve differences. We recognize our mutual interdependence within our own community as well as with our area municipalities and realize that we can best achieve our goals and Vision by working together; building consensus, co-operating and supporting each other in flexible and innovative ways.
We strive to provide excellent public service, improve our infrastructure, and strive to understand and meet the needs of all those we serve within the available resources while meeting our legislated and mandated obligations. 
Continuous Improvement
We foster an environment of leadership, excellence and creativity. We continuously search for ways for improving efficiencies and effectiveness of the services we provide.
Fiscal Responsibility
We strive to undertake all aspects of our business in an effort to increase the efficiency of our provided services through prudence, thinking broadly and long-term; to balance both rural and urban responsibilities; and to do more with limited resources.



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