Core Values

Perth East is a family-oriented rural township of exceptional diversity. Our tight-knit and supportive community embraces small-town living, while remaining close to essential services and amenities.

Perth East aspires to retain the rural lifestyle, small-town feel and tight-knit community that it celebrates today. The township strives to sustain its agricultural heritage, encourage value-added businesses and promote responsible growth of the community.

Community Values

Community Values highlighted during the strategic planning engagement process are:

We are proud of our community, and its strong sense of familiarity, belonging and feeling of home.
We enjoy a broad and diverse culture, and are welcoming and respectful of the diverse groups that make up our community.
Community service is a fundamental value, and we value and appreciate the extensive and strong volunteer base that contributes to the life of our community.
We are a safe, clean and quiet community where people feel comfortable raising a family.
We are a kind and caring community where people go out of their way to help and support each other.
We are an affordable community where people are able to enjoy a strong quality of life.
We are a rural, agricultural community where farming is ingrained into the fabric of how we are.
We are a quiet, peaceful community where residents are able to enjoy uncrowded spaces and serene landscapes.

Corporate Values

Corporate values highlighted during the strategic planning process are:

We are a forward-thinking and progressive municipality that seeks to create the best possible future for our community.
Our staff are dedicated and proud to support the community, and strive to deliver exceptional customer service.
We are a small municipality where people serve people, and residents receive individual attention to their needs.
Fiscally Responsible
We are fiscally responsible and prudent with our resources, and work to manage the cost of our services as much as possible.
We work well together, support each other, and are open to working with other municipalities to meet the needs of the community.
We value our colleagues, genuinely care about them, and go out of our way to help when help is needed.
Customer Service