About The Township of Perth East

The Township of Perth East is a wonderful rural/urban mix including some of the most productive farmland in Ontario, along with the communities of Milverton, Shakespeare, Millbank, Carthage, Newton, Rostock, Brunner, Wartburg, Gads Hill, Nithburg, Sebringville, and Sebastopol.

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Tourism in Perth East
Welcome to a place where the spirit of rural Ontario is connected to quaint towns and villages spread throughout our wonderful Agricultural area. Quiet roads cut through a patchwork of fields and farms where common sights include Old Order Mennonite horse-drawn buggies and a wonderful range of meticulous farms. Each of the communities offer their own unique character. The bustling shops of Milverton, Millbank, Sebringville and Shakespeare feature specialty foods, unique clothing and gifts, and restaurants, all in close proximity to the tourist destination of Stratford.. In Shakespeare you can shop for antiques and gifts on your way to or from the Stratford theatre. 

A Taste of the Pride of our Community

Perth East is a very proud supporter of Buy Local, Buy Fresh, and there are countless opportunities to sample the amazing foods produced in our community ranging from farm gate sales to local bakeries, stores, markets, and many more. Once you sample the pride of our community, we are sure you will want to take some of your favourites with you. 

In 1997, fourteen municipal corporations within the County of Perth restructured to form four new municipalities -the Township of Perth East, Township of Perth South, Municipality of West Perth and the Town of North Perth.

On January 1, 1998, the former Townships of Ellice, Mornington, North Easthope, South Easthope and the Village of Milverton officially restructured to become the Township of Perth East. The new municipality has over 7,000 hectares, 4,000 households and a total population of approximately 12,000.

The Municipal Administrative Centre is in Milverton, which is the largest, fully serviced urban centre within the Municipality.

Major economic development within the new municipality includes:Agriculture, Farm Related Businesses, Millwrighting, Metal Fabrication, and Tourism.

Histories of the former municipalities provide a wonderful walk through the past when settlement began in this area.

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