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Winter Maintenance

The Township of Perth East is committed to providing safe roads for the traveling public during the winter season; methods used to achieve this goal are efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

The Public Works department is responsible for winter maintenance of nearly 530km of roadway and approximately 15km of sidewalks. Routine winter maintenance activities carried out by the Public Works department include but are not limited to; snow and ice removal from roadways, sidewalks and parking lots, daily road patrolling, road salt and sand inventory management.


Winter maintenance of Perth East roadways are completed in accordance with the Ontario Minimum Maintenance Standards for Ontario Highways. Road are patrolled and logged daily during the winter months and the snow removal fleet will be deployed as nessecary. During extreme snowfall events, main roads will take priority, residential and low traffic volume streets will be maintained secondary.


The Township is responsible for the winter maintenance of the sidewalks in accordance with Policy Number PW-1.03.01(A). Approximately 15kms of sidewalk throughout the Township are maintained, mainly those along high traffic roadways and travelled corridors to schools.

Municipal Parking Lots

The Township is responsible to clearing snow from municipal parking lots. During the winter months overnight parking in these areas is prohibited. Please refer to the parking by-law for more information.


If your mailbox is damaged during winter maintenance activities the Township may be responsible for its repairs. However, in order to do so, it must be in compliance with the Township's mailbox policy. Please contact your Public Works department for more information.