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Water Meter Replacement Program

Water meters are an important part of the Townships municipally owned water distribution systems. Every water connection within the drinking water serviced area is equipped with a water meter to measure water consumption and to bill accordingly. The public works department is responsible for replacing, installing and testing all water meters. Click here from more information regarding the by-law governing the homeowner and municipal responsibilities of these meters.

Over the next few years the Township of Perth East will be implementing a water meter replacement program. This program involves the replacement of all water meters. Existing water meters will be replaced with radio frequency (RF) meters.

Highlights of the Water Meter Replacement Program

  • Radio Frequency Metering eliminates the need for meter readers to enter your premises and in most cases without accessing your property
  • Radio Frequency Metering and billing increases efficiency and reduces the potential for human error as the system will be fully automated
  • Radio Frequency Metering will provide Township staff with additional information such as leak detection, continuous flows and reverse flow events. Township staff will be able to notify customers of continuous flows, which are a good indication of a leaky faucet or toilet.

What can be Expected?

Replacement of water meters will be performed on a priority basis. High priority meters to be replaced are meters where Township staff has to physically enter the building to obtain a reading and meters which are not currently equipped with a touch-to-read pad located on the building's exterior. If your meter falls under this category you can expect to receive a notice similar to this. If you receive this notice, please contact the public works department to have you meter replaced.

Will someone have to enter my Home?

Yes, in almost all cases the water meter will be located within your home or business, typically in the basement, close to where the waterline enters your building.

How long will the Meter Replacement take?

Typically a meter can be replaced within 30 minutes, but may vary, depending on the circumstances.

Who will perform/pay for the Replacement?

Township of Perth East will pay for the new meters and they will be installed by Township staff.