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Wastewater Department

The Township of Perth East Public Works Department owns two wastewater collection and treatment systems, the Milverton Wastewater System and the Shakespeare Wastewater System. The Township is committed to provide and maintain a modern, reliable system to ensure that all residents can rely on a effective system which is safe for residents, visitors and the environment.

The Responsibilities of the Wastewater Department

Both the Shakespeare Wastewater Treatment Facility and collection system, and the Milverton Wastewater Treatment Facility and collection systems are operated by Township staff. Perth East is responsible for all monitoring, quality assurance, quality control, reporting, inspecting, collection and maintenance of the facilities. Some of the duties preformed by Perth East staff regarding the wastewater collection systems are the maintenance and upkeep of sanitary sewers and maintenance holes, sanitary main flushing, capital project oversight, pump maintenance, effluent monitoring, weekly sampling, annual reporting, service repairs and new service connections.