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Summer Maintenance

Routine summer maintenance activities carried out by the Public Works department include but are not limited to; grass cutting, street sweeping, sidewalk maintenance, tree trimming, road grading, road drainage improvements, dust control, gravel application, and roadside vegetation management.

Dust Control

Almost 75% of Perth East roads are gravel, therefore dust is likely to occur, especially during the months of July and August. The Public Works Department uses dust suppressant materials such as calcium chloride to alleviate the amount of dust. The nature of the summer season is such that dust cannot be eliminated, but Perth East residents should know the Township is doing everything it can to minimize road dust.

Dust suppressants are applied annually, typically during mid-spring. Dust control improves the surface of the roads between grading and provides safer travel by suppressing the amounts of dust raised by vehicles.

Township Trees

If you notice a tree on Township property that needs to be trimmed please contact the Township office. Trees will be maintained once there is a sufficient number on the list and adequate budget is available. The Township is not responsible for trimming trees on private property.

Residents are encouraged to contact local utilities if trees on private property are interfering with overhead wires. Trees should not be planted in the municipal right-of-way without written permission from the Township.

Roadside Vegetation Management

Each spring the Township will conduct the roadside vegetation management plan. This plan sees that all roadside vegetation is mowed at least once annually to ensure safe site distances can be met. Along with roadside mowing, the Township will spray for noxious weeds. Currently the spraying program has the Township divided into 3 areas; roadside weeds will be sprayed in each area once every three years. Spraying is contracted out to licensed suppliers and applicators, public notices will be published on the website and in local newspapers in advance of any spray application on the Townships behalf. For more information please contact your Public Works Department.