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Street Lights

The Township of Perth East owns and operates over 600 streetlights. Occasionally, a streetlight will malfunction causing the light to fail or to stay on at all times.  When a streetlight is not operating properly, the Township will contact a qualified professional to repair the light.

Sample Street Light ID Tag

Street Light ID Tags

New for 2012, each streetlight owned by the Township will be affixed with an ID tag. The tags will be located about 1.5m up the pole facing the sidewalk. In cases where there is no sidewalk, the tags will face towards the street. Please use the four digit number when reporting a faulty light.

Report a Faulty Light

Since most of the street light faults can only be seen during the night, it is difficult for Township staff to identify a problem. Please use this form to report a faulty light, or contact your Public Works department, be sure to have the pole ID number available.