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Municipal Addressing

In the event of a personal medical emergency, it is VERY important that you and your family know your 911 house number and proper road name. Please post it by your telephone!

In 1999, many roads and streets in the County of Perth were given new names. In 2004, Bell Canada required that all duplicate street names were eliminated. Residents on these streets/roads were informed well in advance of the effective date of any name changes.

The Township of Perth East and emergency service providers cannot stress enough how important it is that you stop using the old road names and house numbers and ensure that your family and friends use the proper 911 house number and street name.

Applying for a Municipal Address (911 Number):

If you wish to read the Municipal Addressing By-law, please contact the Clerk's office by phone at 519-595-2800 ext. 223 or you can view the Street Name Changes By-law.

If you currently do not have a 911 number, please email Jessica Durance or contact by phone at ext 241. You can also download the Application for 911 Number.

Whether you want emergency service providers to be able to find your house, farm or business, it is very important to make sure you have a 911 number. The cost for the sign and post is $62.45 (that includes tax). Municipal staff will install the reflective sign and post for you.

Replacing Your Number Sign

If your number sign is damaged or missing, you can order a replacement sign. Email Jessica Durance or contact by phone at ext 241. The cost for a replacement sign is $37.65 (including taxes) and it will be installed for you.