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Maintenance of the System

The Township's storm and sanitary sewers need on-going inspection and maintenance to ensure that they work properly, and continue to protect the health and property of the public. Township staff assess and respond to problems through long-term monitoring and information provided by the public.

Sanitary Sewers

Sanitary sewers carry wastewater from homes, commercial buildings and industrial sources to either the Milverton wastewater treatment plant or the Shakespeare wastewater treatment plant. After treatment the water is returned to the watershed. Problems can occur when untreatable waste such as household cleaners, paint, oils ect. are disposed of in the sanitary system. The Township's treatment facilities are not capable of handling these types of materials, for more information on where to dispose of these types of materials please visit our household hazardous waste page.

Storm Sewers

The Township's networks of storm sewers are intend to convey storm water from urban areas to receiver water bodies. Private connections are not permitted to connect into this system. Private sump pumps, roof leaders, ect must flow overland before entering this system.

Township staff will routinely clean street side catch basins to ensure positive drainage into the system.