Kennels within the Township of Perth East are regulated as per By-law 34-2015. There are three different types of kennels that the Township regulates:

  • Breeding Kennel: where purebred dogs are kept for breeding, housing, or selling.
  • Boarding Kennel: any building , structure, run or facility, or part thereof, used for the boarding (for hire), grooming, showing, training or temporarily housing of more than (1) dog.
  • Hunting/Sporting/Sled Dog Kennel: any building, structure, dog run or other facility where dogs are kept solely for the purpose of routinely entering into dog sled or other sporting event; or hunting dogs are kept for the hunting purpose.

Kennels are only permitted within Agricultural zones. All kennels within the Township of Perth East must obtain a yearly Kennel License and are inspected by the By-law enforcement officer on a yearly basis.

To apply for or renew a Kennel Licence, download the printable Kennel Application in PDF.