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Fire Chief's Desk

Lightweight Construction & Fire Safety

It's not lightweight construction. It's what happens when lightweight construction meets fire.

Two recent studies detail the relationship between fire and engineered wood construction assemblies--notably, that they burn quicker and fail faster than their dimensional lumber counterparts. What do the findings mean for the fire service, builders, consumers, and NFPA codes? Read the NFPA Journal's article.

Why you have less time to escape a house fire today than 30 years ago:

Research shows that 30 years ago, you had about 17 minutes to escape a house fire. Today, you have only 3 or 4 minutes. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen conducts a dramatic demonstration that shows why, and how you should prepare. Watch the eye-opening video!

New Videos and YouTube Channel

The Perth East Fire Department is now on YouTube with its own channel, featuring "The Wake Up Call" video and PSA. The PEFD Channel is definitely something to check out!

Working CO Alarms - It's The Law!

The passage of the new Carbon Monoxide law in Ontario requires mandatory Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms in homes that have fuel fired appliances or attached garages.

Even if you don't meet the criteria, having a CO alarm in your home, or workplace, will give you some additional piece of mind.

Already have a CO alarm? Take a few minutes to check the date of manufacture / installation...Homes with CO alarms that are past their optimal life span may also put occupants at risk. What is sometimes misunderstood by many homeowners, is that CO alarms, like smoke alarms, do not last forever whether they are battery powered or hardwired.

CO alarms should be located outside of your sleeping areas. If you cannot hear the alarm when it is sounding you will not get the necessary early detection when CO is present. Experts are also recommending one alarm for every level of the home.

Some symptoms of CO poisoning:

  • Headache, nausea, burning eyes, fainting, confusion, drowsiness.
  • Often mistaken for common ailments like the flu Symptoms improve when away from the home for a period of time Symptoms experienced by more than one member of the household.
  • Continued exposure to higher levels may result in unconscious, brain damage and death.
  • The elderly, children and people with heart or respiratory conditions may be particularly sensitive to carbon monoxide.

The Perth East Fire Department has responded to several CO alarms...most are false alarms...but we have had some where the residents were lucky to escape...please make sure that you have a working CO alarm with your working smoke alarms...It's the law.

Introduction from the Fire Chief

Welcome to the Perth East Fire Department. The Fire Department was created in October 2000 with the amalgamation of the North and South Easthope Fire Department, the Downie-Ellice Fire Department and the Milverton - Mornington - Ellice Fire Department. The Department is made up of three stations located in Milverton, Sebringville and Shakespeare with a total complement of 67 members. We protect a population of 12,300 residents living in over 715 square kilometers. The Fire Chief operates out of the Municipal Office in Milverton.

I hope you will find a great deal of resources and fire safety information within these pages. Our Perth East volunteer fire fighters are a dedicated group of men and women here to help you when you need it.

Most of you will go through your entire life and never call 911. So we know that when you do call, you are probably having the worst day of your life. You have a problem...whether it's a fire, a motor vehicle collision or a carbon monoxide alarm...and the Fire Department will take care of it. That is what you expect. That is why you pay taxes. So that is why we train on a wide variety of topics; that is why we have the tools and apparatus; and most importantly why we have 3 stations staffed by firefighters who are there to utilize those skills and tools to take care of your problem. Firefighters that are willing to drop everything that they are doing, at any time of day or night, to go to the aid of you. Firefighters that are willing to leave important family functions; their hot meal; their job and respond professionally to help you.

I am very proud of this Fire Department and the men and women who staff it.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our online home.

Bill Hunter
Fire Chief