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Budget, Finance, Taxes & Tile Loans


The annual Township budget allocates resources to public services and projects and balances the resources drawn from the community against the demands for services and projects, while keeping Township taxes within acceptable limits and ensuring that services are sufficient.

Seelhoff Trust Program Requirements, funds available to Milverton Community Development Projects

Recreation Facility Funding Policy, funds to assist recreational programs in Perth East

Assest Management Plan

The Township of Perth East's infrastructure assets are key resources used to provide services to the public.All of these services contribute to the local economy and improve the quality of life for residents. These include:

  • the provision of a safe and efficient road network, that incorporates bridges and culverts
  • safe drinking water
  • environmentally sound wastewater treatment
  • efficient storm water management

TheAsset Management Planhelps the Township make the best possible decisions regarding the construction, operation, maintenance, renewal, replacement, expansion and disposal of infrastructure assets while minimizing risk and cost to taxpayers and maximizing service delivery. 

Financial Statements & Performance Measures

The Township of Perth East Financial statements are intended to report on the financial condition as at December 31st each year, to ensure accountability and transparency, and to assist the Township with long-term and strategic planning. The financial statements are an important tool for Council and administration to use to report to the taxpayers on the municipal services provided with the resources at their disposal.

Property Taxes

The Township property tax department administers the collection of municipal revenue from property taxes, grants-in-lieu of taxes, local improvement charges and payments of taxes collected for the County of Perth and for school boards.

You can view the current fees and charges bylaw.

The finance department also looks after the Tile Loan program.