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Spring & Summer Fire Safety

Fire Safety In Pictures

A picture says a thousand words... and fire safety pictures are no different! Simply click on the topic to view a photo, cartoon or comic that will give you fire safety information on that topic.

Open BBQ lid before lighting



Open-Air Controlled Burning

During the warmer seasons, we get a lot of calls for burn permits. While it's great that residents are notifying staff of their intent to have open-air fires, some residents still burn without confirming they have permission to do so.

We wish to remind all residents that leaving a message does not mean you have permission to burn. All staff at the Municipal Office can address your request, so before you choose to leave a message, instead speak to reception staff; they can help you.

Summer is a common season for brush fires, forest fires and accidental fires. Don't be the cause!  Please stay with the controlled burn at all times and ensure the fire is fully extinguished at dark. NOTE: Leaving a message with this information does not give you permission to burn. You must obtain approval directly with staff.

Kids' Stuff

Fire Safe Kids Website Banner

When the kids need something to do, here are a few colouring pages and activities they can do at home. Kids will also have a blast visiting the Fire Safe Kids website, where there is more fire safety fun, including interactive games and secret levels to unlock!

We care about your safety firefighters colouring page  Anyone can be a firefighter with female firefighter standing colouring page  Spot the hazards colouring page showing child's bedroom with fire hazards  


Have a fire and CO safe season!

Bill Hunter, Fire Chief
Perth East Fire Department