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Energy Management

Corporate Energy Management Plan

The Township of Perth East's Corporate Energy Management Plan has been developed to meet the reporting requirements for the Provincial Green Energy Act (Ontario Regulation 397/11) which calls for all public agencies to report annual energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to develop a publicly available energy conservation and demand management plan.

The Corporation of the Township of Perth East, being a public agency, has produced this report to fulfill the requirements of Regulation 397/11.

This plan includes discussions on the following sections which are required under the Regulation:

  •      Establish corporate goals and objectives for conserving energy consumption and managing energy demand,
  •      Identify conservation and demand management measures; and
  •      Identify any renewable energy (including solar, wind etc) infrastructure installed and quantity of energy produced.

Through the implementation of this plan the Corporation of the Township of Perth East will strive to achieve the energy reduction targets while creating a culture of energy conservation amongst all staff.

 The Township of Perth East Corporate Energy Management Plan can be accessed here.

Annual Consumption Reports

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