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2014 - 2018

Perth East Public Library Board - The Library Board is established in accordance with the Public Libraries Act. To be eligible, members must be 18 years or older, be Canadian Citizens and a resident of the Township of Perth East. Currently, the Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month.

Property Standards Committee - This Committee does not meet on a regular basis and is created in accordance with Section 15.6 of the Building Code Act, 1992 (as amended). A decision of the Perth East By-law Enforcement Officer to issue and "Order to Comply" with the Perth East Property Standards By-law may be appealed to this Committee. The Committee is not involved with the day to day enforcement of the Property Standards By-law.

Fence Viewers - Fence Viewers do not meet regularly. Fence Viewers act in accordance with the Line Fences Act which sets out the procedure for the resolution of line fence disputes between owners of adjoining properties.  Fence Viewers do not determine the location of a boundary line.

Livestock Valuers - Livestock Valuers not meet regularly.  Where an owner of livestock or poultry has discovered death or injury, a Valuer will be directed to make a full investigation and a report (in writing) detailing the damage and his/her Award.

Property Standards Committee

The Property Standards Committee is a decision-making committee appointed by Council and is established under the provisions of the Ontario Building Code Act.

For more details regarding property standards, visit the Property Standards page.

Perth East Fire Department Joint Advisory Committee

The Fire Committee is made up of representatives from Perth East Council and representatives from the Council of the Township of Perth South. The Fire Committee meets several times a year to discuss and make recommendations to Council regarding Fire Department policies and infrastructure.

Learn more about the Perth East Fire Department.

Perth East Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Committee is made up entirely of Perth East Council and its goal is to ensure the fiscaly responsible and financially strategic direction of the Township in both the long and short term. All Budget Committee meetings are open to the public and budget meeting agendas are available for viewing online.

To view details about the budget process, visit the Budget, Finance & Taxes page.

To find out more about these Committees and Boards please contact the Clerk's Department.

Theresa Campbell, Municipal Clerk
Township of Perth East
P.O. Box 455, 25 Mill Street East
Milverton, ON N0K 1M0