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With the completion of Perth County's Rural Broadband project, the County is almost 100% serviced with high-speed Internet access.

Speeds are comparable to urban areas at 1.5 Mbps download and 512 Kbps upload, with capacity for higher speeds for those willing to pay extra and for commercial/industrial users.

There is also VoIP and IPTV available (IPTV is TV signal over Internet), with a number of providers deploying fibre. The majority of the geographic areas will be served by wireless WiFi and WiMax technology.

Mornington Communications

Mornington Communications is a co-operative and is owned by the members and governed by a Board of Directors. This unique distinction has enabled Mornington Communications to offer exceptional services at competitive prices and rewards members for their business by declaring annual dividends based on company profits.

Mornington Communications Co-operative Limited is an Independent Telephone company serving approximately 1900 customers in the 595 exchange since 1919.

Bell Canada

Bell Canada, commonly shortened to "Bell", is a national Canadian telecommunications company. Including its subsidiaries it is the incumbent local exchange carrier for telephone services in most of Canada. Bell Canada currently services over 13 million phone lines in Canada.

Services include local phone, long distance service, business phone, internet, wireless, satellite TV, and more.

Rogers Communications Inc.

Rogers is one of Canada's largest communications companies, particularly in the field of wireless communications and cable television, with additional telecommunications and mass media assets.

Rogers Communications is a provider of Wireless, Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Home Phone services to consumer residences and businesses in Canada.